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Our year-long party continues with a look at the fashion trends of 1914. For women, the shirtwaists of the Gibson era remain, but gone is the figure-contorting S-shaped corset. The aptly-named hobble skirt has begun to incorporate a pleat to make walking easier.  The lady of the house could have selected a tunic and narrow skirt pattern  from the latest issue of McCall’s magazine to be sewn by a local dressmaker, or purchased it “ready-to-wear” at Addison’s or VanToll’s. Gloves and hats were fashion staples of the day, and Grand Haven boasted six milliners able to create custom hats and hairpieces. For men, whether at work or play, suits with vests and ties in wool or linen were worn and could be purchased from one of the clothiers on Washington Avenue. To learn more, we encourage you to attend 100 Years of Fashion, presented by Dani LaFleur, on Thursday, April 17th at 7pm in Program Rooms A&B. Are you more of a hat person? Register for our Art of Hat Making program on Saturday, April 26th from 10am to 4pm in the Youth Program Room.

Since April is Tax Month, it is interesting to note that the 16th Amendment, or Federal Income Tax Amendment, was passed in February of 1913, making 1914 the first year that US citizens filed a return. That year, less than 1 percent of the nation’s population paid the 1 percent income tax. Also, April 22nd is Earth Day, so it seems fitting to note the1914 passing of Martha, the last passenger pigeon, whose home was the Cincinnati Zoo. She was twenty years old. You can view a carved model of a passenger pigeon along with a reproduction of Lewis Cross’s painting of a passenger pigeon in the display cases located in the Columbus Avenue entrance.

Upcoming Library Centennial Programs

Teen Idle Hour, Tuesday, April 15 at 4:00 pm in Program Room A

Join us for this not-so-Idle Hour for pizza and brainstorming. The Teen Advisory Board (TAB) is open to Teens in the 7th–12th grades interested in volunteering. TAB gives a voice to Teens in the Library. 

One Hundred Years of Fashion, Thursday, April 17 at 7:00 pm in Program Room A        

Dani LaFleur from the Lakeshore Historical Museum will guide participants on a fashion journey through the past one hundred years. Learn more about clothing trends of yesteryear and how politics and economics influence what we wear.

The Art of Hat Making: a millinery workshop, Saturday, April 26 at 10:00 am in Program Room A

This is a hands-on Millinery Workshop in which participants will learn the art of hat making. Registration fee will cover the cost of supplies to complete one hat. Basic hand sewing skills strongly suggested. Participants are asked to bring a sack lunch and other items. Click here for the entire description and list of items to bring.  Workshop is limited to ten. 

The Model T, Thursday, May 15 at 7:00 pm in Program Room A

One of Henry Ford’s greatest accomplishments was his Model-T Ford, the first affordable automobile and the first to put America on wheels. The ‘Tin Lizzie’ changed the way people looked at automobiles. Find out how the Model-T came into being. 

The West Michigan Pike, Thursday, May 22 at 7:00 pm in Program Room A

Authors M. Christine Byron and Thomas R. Wilson will be discussing, reading and signing their new book "Vintage Views Along the West Michigan Pike".

"Vintage Views Along the West Michigan Pike" is a pictorial history of the West Michigan Pike, the first continuous road from Michigan City to Mackinaw City. This 400 mile stretch of road is sometimes called Michigan’s “Route 66.”

Family Trail Ride at Hofma Preserve, Saturday, May 31 at noon

Bring your bikes and ride the trails of Hofma Preserve, 168th Ave., in Grand Haven Township. Learn bike safety, have your bike inspected, and enjoy some snacks afterward.

100 Years Ago in Grand Haven

APRIL 2014

1 – Ice field off harbor damages nets of local commercial fishermen, something remarkable for this late in the season.  Death in Salisbury, N. Y., of Doras J. Perkins, former citizen.

2 – Death of Mrs. Ellen Cleary.  Death of Benjamin Edson of Hudsonville, aged 95.

3 – Pythians celebrate twelfth anniversary with banquet.  High school girls basket ball team defeats Sparta girls 15 to 8 and claim state championship.

4 – Marriage of Edmond Wilds and Jennie Sikkenga.

5 – Arrival of the Johanna, the new O'Beck tug.

6 – Death at Fruitport of Mrs. Nanna Wollner.  Five inches of snow falls between midnight and 7 in the morning.  City election; Nat Robbins is elected mayor.

8 – Coldest April day with one exception in Grand Haven since the organization of the weather bureau.  Temperature at 19.  Mean temperature for entire day but 22.  Death in York, Pa., of Mrs. Don Watson, nee Lizzie Rogers.  Death in Lacrosse of Mrs. Albert Hardy.

9 – Continuation of very cold weather.  Mercury at 19.

10 – Sentence day in circuit court; John Serenski for check raising is sent to Ionia for six months; one of the local boy bandits charged with robbing the Hollestelle store is sent to Ionia for six months.

13 – Death in Spring Lake of Mrs. Egbert Dekenga.

14 – A. J. Knight elected chairman of the board of supervisors.  Tony Mahan assaults and maims Fred Allison; the most sensational attack in many years.  Annual masquerade of Eagles.

15 – Turks and Syrians have battle in fourth ward.

18 – Robert Convey found dead in Pere Marquette watch tower on Fulton Street.

19 – Death of William Wilbert.

20 – Organization of Christian Mutual Aid Society.  Death in Grand Rapids of Mrs. Margaret Spoon.

21 – Death in Grand Rapids of Henry A. Irish.  Death of Mrs. Elizabeth Benson.

22 – Marriage in Toronto of Judge Edward P. Kirby and Ruth Harris.  Death of Mrs. L. J. Bragg.

23 – Great band of gypsies visits city.  Fire in Nunica destroys the old Carpenter home.  Death of Margaret Lewis in Arizona.

24 – Death of Jacob Welling, Sr., of Olive.  Three children of John Ploesma of Holland are burned to death in the burning of their home.

25 – Spring Lake bridge opened after extensive repairs.

26 – Death in Chicago of Rudolph Brons.  Death of Mrs. Nettie Wsston.

27 – Death in the township of Mrs. Christine Krohl.  Daylight robbery at home of Nick Smith in Nortonville.

29 – Death of Mrs. Henry Roosien.

30 – Death in Grand Rapids of Mrs. R. Ekkens.  Marriage of Frank Griswold and Katherine Fons.

--Research by Elizabeth Potter, Loutit District Library Local History Department




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