Picture Books

Ernst, Lisa  Little Red Riding Hood: A Newfangled Prairie Tale

An updated version, set on the prairie, of the familiar story about a little girl, her grandmother, and a not-so-clever wolf.

Gibbons, Faye  Mama and Me and the Model-T

When Mama gets behind the wheel of the new Model-T which her husband just drove into the yard of their Georgia mountain home, she proves that she can drive a car as well as the men of the family.

Hearne Betsy Gould  Seven Brave Women

A young girl recounts the brave exploits of her female ancestors, including her great-great-great grandmother who came to America in a wooden sailboat.

Henkes, Kevin  Lilly’s Purple Plastic Purse

Lilly loves everything about school, especially her teacher, but when he asks her to wait a while before showing her new purse, she does something for which she is very sorry later.

Isaacs, Anne  Swamp Angel

Along with other amazing feats, Angelica Longrider, also known as Swamp Angel, wrestles a huge bear, known as Thundering Tarnation, to save the winter supplies of the settlers in Tennessee.

Kirk, David  Miss Spider’s New Car

Miss Spider and her husband go shopping for a car.

Marsoli, Lisa Ann  Disney’s Mulan: a Classic Storybook

McCully, Emily Arnold  Little Kit, or, The Industrious Flea Circus Girl

In hopes of a better life, a young orphan girl disguises herself as a boy and goes to work for the cruel Professor Malefetta and his flea circus.

McCully, Emily Arnold  The Pirate Queen

Numeroff, Laura Joffe  What Grandmas Do Best / What Grandpas Do Best

One side of this upside-down book celebrates all of the things grandmas do for their grandchildren. Turning the book over and around produces a similar celebration of grandpas.

Numeroff, Emily Arnold  What Mommies Do Best / What Daddies Do Best

Mothers and fathers participating in everyday activities show their love for their children in very similar ways.

Pulver, Robin  Axle Annie

The schools in Burskyville never close for snow because Axle Annie is always able to make it up the steepest hill in town, until Shifty Rhodes and Hale Snow set out to stop her.

Scamell, Ragnhild  Toby’s Doll’s House

Even though all Toby wants for his birthday is a dollhouse, his relatives give him a fort, and a farm, and a multi-level parking lot.

Vaes, Alain  The Princess and the Pea

In this adaptation of "The Princess and the Pea," the prince is ready for marriage but the queen is more concerned with her jewelry collection.

Wild, Margaret  Our Granny

While grannies come in all shapes and sizes "our granny" is unique.

New Readers

Maccarone, Grace  Pizza Party!

A group of children have fun making a pizza.

Mills, Claudia  Gus and Grandpa and the Christmas Cookies

Having baked six dozen Christmas cookies for themselves and been given many more by the neighbors, Gus and Grandpa find a rewarding solution to disposing of their extra holiday treats.

Juvenile Fiction

Moss, Marissa  True Heart

At the turn of the century, a young woman who works on the railroad accomplishes her yearning ambition to become an engineer when a male engineer is injured and can't drive his train.

Juvenile Non-fiction

Martin, Bill  “Fire! Fire!” Said Mrs. McGuire

In this version of the old rhyme the fire turns out to be the smoke from the candles of a birthday cake.

Flanagan, Alice K  Ms. Murphy Fights Fires

Simple text and photographs follow a female firefighter as she and the rest of a fire-fighting team try to save a burning building.


Stanley, Diane  Joan of Arc

A biography of the fifteenth-century peasant girl who led a French army to victory against the English and was burned at the stake for witchcraft.


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