Elmer, Robert  Escape to Murray River (Adventures Down Under Series)

In 1868, after their father is wrongfully convicted and deported on the last prison ship to Australia, twelve-year-old Patrick and the rest of the McWaid family determine to stay together and follow him to the far-off continent.

Elmer, Robert  A Way Through the Sea (Young Underground Series)

In 1943, when the Germans plan to send all Danish Jews to prison camps, Peter and Elise, eleven-year-old twins, face danger trying to help their Jewish friend Henrik escape to Sweden.

Hutchens, Paul  The Lost Campers (Sugar Creek Gang Series)

The Sugar Creek Gang goes camping up north and get lost in the woods, surprised by Indians, take an unexpected swim in the cold waters of Pass Lake, and are forced to use their survival skills.

Jackson, Dave  The Queen’s Smuggler (Trailblazer Series)

Sarah tries to smuggle a New Testament into England in order to save the life of William Tyndale, a man imprisoned for translating the Bible into English.

Johnson, Lois Walfrid  Disappearing Stranger (Adventures of the Northwoods Series)

When her mother marries Mr. Nordstrom, Kate moves to a farm in northwest Wisconsin, solves a mystery, and learns to adjust to her new stepfamily.

Thoene, Jake  Mystery Lights of Navajo Mesa (Last Chance Detective Series)

While investigating the robbery of a local museum, four young friends see some mysterious lights that they believe belong to a UFO on the mesa near the fictional town of Ambrosia, Arizona, and find themselves in real danger.

Leppard, Lois Gladys  Mandie and the Secret Tunnel (Mandie Series)

In 1900, Mandie is searching her dead uncle's mansion for a missing will when she finds a secret tunnel and strangers who claim to be her relatives.

Lewis, Beverly  Double Dabble Surprise (Cul-de-Sac Kids Series)

When their new Korean sisters do not arrive at the airport, Abby and Carly have a mystery to solve, with God's help.

Mackall, Dandi Daley  Grace Notes (Faith Girlz Blog On Series)

Fifteen-year-old Grace Doe keeps an online journal--a weblog--about her classmates rather than trying to connect with them, until her anonymity is threatened and she realizes that God does not want her to be isolated.

McCusker, Paul  Behind the Locked Door (Adventures in Odyssey)

Mark's curiosity leads him into trouble when he stays with Mr. Whittaker, the owner of Whit's End, while his mother is in Washington, D.C., trying to work out her differences with Mark's father.

Morris, Gilbert  The Rustlers of Panther Gap (The Ozark Adventures)

Thirteen-year-old Barney Buck places his faith in God and in a solar-powered flying bicycle to help his new Indian friends catch a gang of tree rustlers.

Myers, Bill  My Life as a Smashed Burrito with Extra Hot Sauce (The Incredible World of Wally McDoogle Series)

Twelve-year-old Wally, a computer whiz who is a "walking disaster area," ends up in a competition with the bully of Camp Whacka-Whacka, and when they find themselves fighting for their lives, Wally realizes that even his worst enemy needs God.

Roddy, Lee  Hair Pulling Bear Dog (D.J. Dillon Adventure Series)

Thirteen-year-old D.J. would rather have a collie than an ugly hound dog until he and Zero join a Christian preacher on a bear hunt in the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

Richardson, Arleta  Looking for Home (The Orphan’s Journey Series)

In 1907, while starting a new life in a Christian orphanage, eight-year-old Ethan and his three younger siblings hear about the prospect of being sent west on an Orphan Train and pray to stay together.

Rue, Nancy N. Here’s Lily (Lily Series)

Rue, Nancy N.  Sophie’s World (Faithgirlz! Series)

A sixth-grade field trip to Williamsburg, Virginia, stimulates the overactive imagination of future film director Sophie LaCroix, leading her to use eighteenth-century tactics to save a friend from humiliation by the popular girls.

Weinrich, Mark  Vanishing Lights (Light Chaser Mystery Series)


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