In 2008, a generous donation was made to the Local History and Genealogy Department. Ron Kuiper and the children of Bill Oldenberg donated a collection of oral histories on cassette tape. During the 1970s, Ron Kuiper and Bill Oldenberg recorded reminiscences of local residents with the intent to use the interviews to publish a book about the Grand Haven area. Unfortunately, Oldenberg was killed in a car accident, and Kuiper shelved the project for thirty years. It wasn't until Ron met David Schock that the tapes were pulled out of storage. Schock suggested that they might be digitized, and during the next year and a half, a crew met in Schock's studio to create digital copies of the analog tapes. Loutit District Library recognizes the hundreds of hours David's crew spent in preparing the original digital files.

LDL staff is currently working to make audio files of these interviews, along with the written transcripts, available here. Now you can listen to bank teller Art Welling talk about the Peoples Bank robbery by Baby Face Nelson, or enjoy reminiscences of other area residents.

Press the arrow on the audio player next to the interviewee's name to hear the interview. More coming soon!



Ball, Kittie Kittie Ball
Bitting, Soule Soule Bitting
Boiten, Gerrit   Gerrit Boiten
Bolt, Ted   Ted Bolt
Bronsema, William   William Bronsema
Bunker, Andrew Andrew Bunker
Cavanaugh, Katherine   Katherine Cavanaugh
Clark, Helen & Mrs. Bright   Helen Clark
Cook, Elaine Grunst   No Transcript
Cook, Jerry   No Transcript
Cook, Mr. Radio Program   No Transcript
Danhof, Edith and Alice   Edith Danhof and Alice Storr
DeRyke, Gerrit Pitchy   Gerrit DeRyke
Dubee, Marian   Marian DuBee
Fricke, Otto and wife   Otto Fricke and wife
Grieve, Mrs. John    Mrs. John Grieve Part 1
Grieve, Mrs. John 2 Mrs. John Grieve Part 2
Hierholzer, William   William Hierholzer
Howard, A.D., Phyllis, Cynthia   A.D., Phyllis, & Cynthia Howard
Hunting, David Part I   David Hunting, Part I
Hunting, David Part II   David Hunting, Part II
Hunting, David Part III   No Transcript
Hunting, David Part IV   David Hunting, Part IV
Jacobson, Alvin   Alvin Jacobson
Johnston, Mrs. James H. (nee Kirkland)   Mrs. James H. Johnston (nee Kirkland)
Joldersma, Lambert   No Transcript
Kehoe, George 1973   George Kehoe 1973
Kehoe, George 1975   George Kehoe 1975
Kiddy Kover Strike   No Transcript
Koster, Agnes   Agnes Koster
Kruizenga, Richard & Wife   Richard Kruizenga & Wife
Lee, Mrs. J. Wesley   Mrs. J. Wesley Lee
Lehman, Lewis   Lewis Lehman
Lock, Harry - March, 1973   Harry Lock - March 1973
Lock, Harry - June, 1973   Harry Lock - June 1973
Lock, Harry J.   Harry J. Lock
McDonald, Ruby   Ruby McDonald
Mielke, Jessica   Jessica Meilke
Meyer   Meyer
Nyland, Esther Dean 1   Esther Dean Nyland 1
Nyland, Esther Dean 2   Esther Dean Nyland 2
Nyland, Esther Dean 3   Esther Dean Nyland 3
O'Beck, Marie   No Transcript
Oldemulders, Fred   No Transcript
Parker, Albert III   Albert Parker III
Pippel, Nellie VandenBosch   Nellie VandenBosch Pippel
Poel, J. Nyhof   J. Nyhof Poel
Pringle, Charles   Charles Pringle
Pytlinski, Mrs. Felix   Mrs. Felix Pytlinski
Reimold, Mrs. Friant Wincell   No Transcript
Rhem, Nancy Dornbos   No Transcript
Rink, Cornelius Casey 1975   Casey Rink 1975
Rink, Cornelius Casey 1976   Casey Rink 1976
Robertson, John   John Robertson
Rollenhagen, Jack 1   Jack Rollenhagen 
Rollenhagen, Jack 2   No transcript
Rollenhagen, Jack 3   Jack Rollenhagen 3
Roosien, Richard   Richard Roosien
Rucks, Doris   Doris Rucks
Rycenga, Lewis & Charles   Lewis & Charles Rycenga
Ryder, William   William Ryder
Rymer, Sam   Sam Rymer
Seifert, Joseph   Joseph Seifert
Seifert, Joseph & John Robertson   Joseph Seifert & John Robertson
Split, James (bad recording)   James Split
Spring, Norman   Norman Spring
Stobbelaar, Bobbie   Bobbie Stobbelaar
Swan, Margaret Robertson   Margaret Swan
Swanson, Raymond   Raymond Swanson
Swart, George   George Swart
Swart, Rev. Cornelius Rev Cornelius Swart
Swart, Rev. Cornelius and George George & Rev. Cornelius Swart
Swartz, Harold 1   Harold Swartz 1
Swartz, Harold 2   Harold Swartz 2
Tysman, Henry 1974   Henry Tysman 1974
Tysman, Henry 1975   Henry Tysman 1975
Tysman, Henry 1976   Henry Tysman 1976
VandenBerg, Mrs. George   Mrs. George VandenBerg
VandenBosch, Kate   Kate VandenBosch
VanderVeen, Mrs. Tracy   Mrs. Tracy VanderVeen
VanHall, Arthur   Arthur VanHall
VanKolken, Bonnie et. al.   Bonnie VanKolken
VanSchelven, John    John VanSchelven 
VanSchelven, John & Wilson, Maurice   No transcript
Verhoeks, Neil   No transcript
Waanders, John   No transcript
Walsh, Clifford   No transcript
Weatherly, E. Gordon   E. Gordon Weatherly
Welling, Arthur   Arthur Welling


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