A New Family Escape Room Experience

What is the Coast Guard Quest?

It’s an escape room on the go! Check out a backpack of clues and locked compartments and take your team on a family-friendly treasure hunt in Coast Guard City, USA. Using virtual puzzles, real-world clues, and your powers of observation, you’ll uncover Coast Guard history as you explore Grand Haven in search of the hidden treasure!

Are you up for the challenge? Click Here to place a hold.

Where does this hunt take place?

All locations will be located in downtown Grand Haven and along the waterfront. A map inside your pack will show the exact boundaries. You can expect to cover about 2 miles over the course of the adventure. All locations, other than the final treasure, can be found outdoors, so they are accessible any time you feel like hunting.

What is the best way to travel between stops?

That depends on your group! Bikes are a quick and fun way to get from place to place, but it’s an enjoyable walk for those who don’t mind a longer stroll. Locations are also accessible by car, though parking availability may sometimes vary.  It’s a good idea to budget a couple of hours in total – too much to tackle in one go? Spread the adventure out over a few days! Each backpack checkout lasts 3 days, so feel free to take your time!

How difficult is this hunt?

This family challenge is meant for adventurers of all ages to work together! Puzzles will vary, with some benefiting from adult help and others great for kids to solve on their own. All are meant to be approachable and fun, not frustrating! If you get stuck, there are helpful hints available.

Anything else I should know?

The hunt will take your team across streets, near water, and to other adventurous locations, so it’s important that kids participate with adult help and supervision.

Happy Questing!