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Need help finding a great read? Trying to figure out what the next book in your series is? These great readers’ resources can help!

Digital Resources

Loutit staff have their very own “Staff Picks” lists for you to browse! Check them out here.

Looking for more books or audiobooks like your favorites? Want to find a new author? Can’t remember all the titles in a series? NoveList has the answers!

Track your reading and find new books based on your preferences and moods. The StoryGraph will help you find the perfect read now and in the future!

Search and browse bibliographies of over 50,000 bestselling fiction authors, with the latest books and series information.

Kent District Library’s What’s Next®: Books in Series database helps you search series fiction. A series is two or more books linked by characters, settings, or other common traits.

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Michigan Notable Books 2024

Every year, the Library of Michigan selects up to twenty of the most notable books, either written by a Michigan resident or about Michigan or the Great Lakes. The selected books are honored in the year after their publication or copyright date. Each selected title speaks to our state’s rich cultural, historical, and literary heritage and proves without a doubt that some of the greatest stories are found in the Great Lakes State. For the latest list of 2024 notable books, click or tap the image.

Previous Michigan Notable Book Selections

Explore Michigan culture and authors by taking a look back at the previous Library of Michigan notable books throughout the years. Each year lists up to twenty of the most notable books, either written by a Michigan resident or about Michigan or the Great Lakes. To see the collection of lists from previous years, click here

Books for Your Book Club

Loutit District Library offers a variety of reading options for your next book club! You asked, we listened! Our book club sets are going back in the bags and will be reservable as kits. We are gathering book club books as they are returned and to get them into their new bags. Thank you for your patience as we process the books! Each kit comes in a bag with 10 copies of the book and discussion questions. Kits can be checked out for 6 weeks and cannot be renewed.

Click here to view a complete list of our Book Club Kits. Book club moderators are encouraged to look at the complete title list of our Book Club Kits with their discussion group to review the book options and plan their selections ahead of time.

To reserve a kit for your book club, please visit the Adult Information desk, call us at 616-850-6914, or email [email protected]. Consider having a few titles chosen, so if a kit is not available for your preferred time slot we can place a different kit on hold.

When your kit is ready, it will be available for pick-up at the Check Out desk. Have questions? Give us a call at 616-850-6914.